Fire and Materials 2007

Painted Ladies Golden Gate Bridge

29th - 31st January 2007

Hyatt Hotel at Fishermans Wharf

San Francisco, California, USA


The organisers

wish to thank the following companies for their Sponsorship:

Fire Testing Technpology Ltd, UK


FM Global, USA

SwRI Fire Technology, USA

FIRE AND MATERIALS is a major international forum held every 2 years for those interested in the fire performance of materials, composites and the products into which they are made. The conference is targeted at the needs of researchers, regulators, designers and those in industry with a specific interest in how materials resist and react to fire. Up-to-date information on new materials, applications, assessment techniques and regulatory issues will be presented. Each conference focuses on specific issues as well as those of general and of on-going interest in the fire safety field.

This year the conference attracted 180 delegates from 15 countries. The Programme was extended over 3 days and ran parallel sessions for a day an half. In all some 68 papers were delivered. These full papers are available on CD Rom. Abstracts of the papers can be viewed via the programme pages.

The conference programme is reviewed by members of the Fire and Materials Journal Editorial Board .

Stephen Grayson Interscience Communications, UK
Vytenis Babrauskas Fire Science & Technology Inc, USA
Marcelo Hirschler GBH International,USA
Marc Janssens SWRI, USA
Patrick Van Hees SP, Fire Technology, Sweden

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